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Vancouver Appliance Repair

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If your appliances aren’t working their best, it can hinder your ability to cook, clean, and take care of yourself and your family. That’s why CS Appliance & Repair specializes in appliance maintenance, as well as all types of general appliance repairs. We believe in helping you help your home run smoothly.

  • Licensed and insured
  • Skilled and experienced
  • Same day service
  • 3 months warranty on parts and labour
  • Manufactures approved parts

We employ only the most skillfull factory trained and authorized technicians to ensure consistent, high quality service. If you need good old-fashioned in-home appliance repairs in the Greater Vancouver, we’re just a click or a phone call away. We know that a satisfied customer is one who gets fast, efficient, and professional appliance repair service. And satisfied customers are what makes our job worth doing.

We service Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster.